Trackfest 2011

Trackfest 2011 was held in Pocahontas Arkansas this year. This is an event hosted by United Blood Trackers that is normally held in different parts of the country each spring. There were numerous workshops along with field work using  dogs. This was my first Trackfest. I got to meet many great people with the same interests as me. I also got to see many different dogs and the way they worked. If you ever get the chance I would highly recommend attending one of these events. Among the people in attendance were  Jolanta and John Jeanneney. They both participated in several of the workshops. They are some of the best and most knowledgable breeders and trackers in the country today. Thank you to them for all of their hard work and help in the tracking community!

Jolanta and John Jeanneney myself and Scout

Scot Davidson working his dog Vimy

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