Tracking Dachshunds In Iowa

To my knowledge the number of tracking and hunting dachshunds in Iowa is relatively low. Iowa is definitely one of the top states in producing big whitetails. As I have become interested in tracking I have spoken with many Iowans that have used different dogs to track deer. Since Iowa was one of the top states in pheasant hunting for many years there are plenty of bird dogs in the state. Some of the more popular breeds have been German  Shorthairs,  Brittany’s, Labs, and Drathaars. These dogs are all versatile hunters and can be trained to track deer. As the bird populations have dwindled, some Iowans are becoming interested in finding new jobs for their dogs. Tracking deer seems to be one of the jobs to do. As far as Dachshunds, many Iowans are aware that they have good noses but the practice of using them to track or hunt is something that has not been common place in Iowa. I believe as more good proven Dachshunds become available in the Midwest it will not be uncommon to hear of the Dachshund as a tracker and hunter in Iowa. The state of Iowa is moving forward in writing guidelines pertaining to using dogs to track. The rules currently address that dogs cannot be used to hunt deer. The rules do not state anything against allowing dogs to be used to track a deer that has already been hunted. The Iowa DNR has done a good job with deer management and is onboard to write rules pertaining to tracking deer with the use of dogs. Unfortunately politics have delayed this endeavor. As of this date if you have any concerns using a dog to track a wounded deer in Iowa you should contact the DNR officer in the county you will be tracking and communicate your intentions.