Hunting Rabbits With Dachshunds

Whether you enjoy hunting rabbits or just watching a dog work, rabbit hunting with dachshunds is a lot of fun. I use my dogs to track wounded deer but I also enjoy watching them work rabbits. Here in Iowa after the deer season winds down it is a good time to get out and chase some bunnies. Since the deer tracking season seems to go by so fast, chasing rabbits is another way to build the dogs prey drive. If you are not into hunting rabbits there are also dachshund field trials held annually that  judge the dogs skills and can be a fun social event. I plan on visiting some of these in the near future. One trait that is very useful if hunting rabbits is to have dachshunds that will voice on scent. This is also known as spurlaut. This way the hunter can have an idea where the dog is and which way the rabbit might be coming from. Not all dachshunds have this trait. When I breed my dogs this is something I desire in the pups. If you are in the market for a dachshund and are interested in field trials or rabbit hunting make sure and get the history of the dam and sire. If they both possess spurlaut, odds are your pup will have it too.

If you do decide to hunt rabbits with your dachshund you also need to make sure the dog is not going to be gun shy. I like to condition pups by popping bubble wrap and watching their reactions. If a dog is going to be gun shy they will tend to display this at an early age. If I notice a pup that is continually bothered by the noise I will pass this on to new owners. These dogs may not be the best candidates for a rabbit hunting home.

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