Successful Track For Ray Holohan and Rosco of Illinois

I heard from Ray Holohan about a successful track he did with his Wirehaired Dachshund Rosco last night. They are a tracking team from Illinois. Rosco is also the stud that was bred with my dog Scout earlier this month. Congratulations on the recovery and keep up the good work Ray and Rosco!

Ray wrote this;

I thought I would drop you a line about  Rosco’s tracking season so far . Last night we made our 2nd. recovery out of 6 tracks. The first day of season Oct. 1st. we had 3 tracks with 1 recovery .Since then only 2 tracks ,both good tracks but with no recovery. Last night track was very successful with a very nice 12 pointer recovered.

Ray Holohan with Rosco and a nice mature Illinois buck


Hunting Wirehaired Dachshund Available

 A quality Wirehaired Dachshund is available to the right home. The male pup is from the breeding of FC Diamant Lily von Lowenherz J SE and FC Tom vom Linteler-Forst. I had the opportunity to see the pup at a field trial event in Ill. this past weekend. I was impressed and would recommend this pup. This pups breeder is known for producing excellent hunting Wirehaired Dachshunds and the pup comes from  proven bloodlines. For more information contact Laurel at or 705-277-9183. Laurel lives in Ontario, Canada.

Update 10-28-11

I heard from Laurel last night that this pup is no longer available. He has a lucky new owner.


Working Dachshunds at Field Trials

I returned home after attending a 3 day Dachshund field trial event in Roscoe IL. It was interesting seeing the different varieties of Dachshunds at the event. This was the first time I have attended one of these but will probably not be the last.  The dogs had a great time and got lots of exercise. There was no shortage of rabbits which also made things go good. I took my younger bitch Echo to compete. Echo did well placing 1st in the open bitch category all 3 days and earned her field champion title. I would encourage anyone that gets a chance to attend one of these events and have some fun. It is also a good way to get your dogs prey drive going. I am now looking forward to some blood tracking and deer hunting in the next few months.

Echo receiving a ribbon after a good days work

Scout Breeding and Field Trials

This is a busy week for me and my dogs. Monday (10-10-11) I traveled to Ashkum, IL to breed Scout with Ray Holohan’s  Rosco.  Hopefully we will have some pups around here in a couple of months. Thursday I am heading to Roscoe IL to attend a 3 day field trial event. I am planning on taking Echo and seeing how she does. It will be nice to at least see some rabbits. I haven’t bumped a rabbit in a while around here. Unfortunately, the population seems to have taken a hit in this area. After the field trial event I will be picking up Scout and heading home.

Wirehaired Dachshund Albert Of Minneapolis

Dan Ritter of Minneapolis recently wrote me this. Dan owns Albert who is a pup out of the previous Scout and Bear breeding. One of my favorite parts of breeding WHD’s is to know the pup went to a good home and receiving updates from the owners.

Dan wrote,

I know this isn’t very inspiring in terms of the fall season, but I thought you’d get a kick out of it anyway.  The strange part is that Albert is an enthusiastic killer of small animals, but somehow manages to be gentle with our kitten.  He does put the kitten’s head in his mouth and likes to constantly have his jaws around the kitten’s throat – which can be a bit unnerving.  However, he has thus far restrained himself and the two animals are constant companions. Enjoy the pic.
Albert is particularly fond of squirrel and is remarkably adept at getting them.  Very fast and extremely violent.