Successful Track For Ray Holohan and Rosco of Illinois

I heard from Ray Holohan about a successful track he did with his Wirehaired Dachshund Rosco last night. They are a tracking team from Illinois. Rosco is also the stud that was bred with my dog Scout earlier this month. Congratulations on the recovery and keep up the good work Ray and Rosco!

Ray wrote this;

I thought I would drop you a line about  Rosco’s tracking season so far . Last night we made our 2nd. recovery out of 6 tracks. The first day of season Oct. 1st. we had 3 tracks with 1 recovery .Since then only 2 tracks ,both good tracks but with no recovery. Last night track was very successful with a very nice 12 pointer recovered.

Ray Holohan with Rosco and a nice mature Illinois buck