Good Deer Track For Iowa Wirehaired Dachshund Vimy

Recently the tracking team of Scot Davidson and wirehaired dachshund Vimy worked hard to help recover a nice Iowa archery shot buck. Scot told me they tracked the deer approximately 900 yards after the shot. Along the track they encountered multiple deer beds and hot deer scent that had crossed the colder track. They never came upon a wound bed from the tracked deer. After several hours of  hard work  Scot decided to call off the track. The next day a neighbor was riding a horse and encountered a mature whitetail buck that was lame but very alive. It turns out this was the deer that Scot and Vimy had tracked. The tracking team was called out again and the deer was dispatched. The deer was recovered close to the site of Vimy’s last indication of the line. It turned out this had been a bow hit that was near the shoulder area. The arrow had stayed in the deer. One lung was probably hit but the mature whitetail traveled a distance. This was a challenging track with lots of fresh deer scent that could of thrown off a young dog. Vimy did a good job leading to the area the deer laid down after the visible blood had quit. Excellent job and keep up the good work!