Archery Head Wound Track

I went on an interesting track Thanksgiving morning. The night before a local hunter called me and said he took a shot at a buck that had his head down and was slightly quartering towards him. When he shot, the buck lifted his head and the arrow lodged in the buck’s skull. He felt it was near the antler area. The arrow broke off but the broad-head was still in the deer. He was pretty depressed about the shot and was wondering if I would help look for it. He said there was a lot of blood near the original hit sight. He had tracked it about 50yrds. to a creek crossing as it was getting dark. After talking to him and determining it didn’t appear to have been a  jaw hit, and the description of a lot of blood I told him I would help look for it the next morning. I headed out the next day with my dog Echo and we proceeded to track. The wound sight he had described did seem to have quite a bit of blood. We ended up tracking the deer about .8 miles according to my Garmin. The deer crossed the creek twice. It bled most the way although the blood got sparse a couple of times. I don’t have much experience with archery shot head wounds and was somewhat skeptical we would find the deer. In the end we found the deer.  The hunter along with the tracking team was quite happy. I ended up gutting the deer and noticed there was not much blood at all in the cavity. I feel this deer died of external hemorrhage. The deer had been hit between the eye and the end of the nose on it’s left side. It was not a jaw wound.

Echo and large area of blood first found near hit sight

Echo enjoying her reward

The happy tracking team