Another Nice Track For Ray Holohan and Wirehaired Dachshund Rosco

The tracking team of Ray Holohan and tracking partner Rosco of Illinois have been busy. I received this news from Ray the other day. Good job and keep up the great work!

Kelly gut shot buck on friday night at 6:00 pm. They jumped buck sat. morning ran about 1/2 mile crossed rd. and into a 5 acre blow down and multiflower thicket they thought. They found a few drops of blood on rd. and assumed it went into thicket. They called me sat. to track the deer I told them to give it til sun.morning. Rosco started track at 11am in a heavy southeast wind of 20mph.Tried to work him into thicket with win in our faces .Rosco seemed to pick up a scent right away.He took it into heavy blowdown cover then worked out into field. I was taking him back for restart when he sounded off and headed into wind back into heavy cover. We worked deeper and further east and back out . Hunters yelled the had found 1 drop of blood about 30 yrds.back in thicket where Rosco just came out. Took him back into blood and restarted. He started barking and didn’t stop until he was standing by the dead deer 50 ft. in front of me in and under a blowdown. It was a very rugged track ,Rosco got a pretty good laceration under his left leg. I will have to give him a few days off to heel up. Rosco did a fantastic job considering the track was 41 hrs old. from when it was shot and the last blood was 26hrs old. He found him with only 1 drop of blood in a 20mph. wind. Coyotes had gotten there first and chowed down a little.

Ray Holohan, Rosco and the recovered buck