Wirehaired Dachshund B-Litter 2 Weeks

The B-litter turned 2 weeks old yesterday. Their eyes are opening and they will be walking soon. I will hold off on any close up pictures until their eyes are open for a while. Their eyes are very sensitive to light at first, including a camera flash. I may have a male pup or two available to working homes. I had several people on my pup list that I didn’t hear from once the litter was born. I have been talking with a couple of potential owners but no commitments have been made. If you are interested in a quality Teckel as a companion and tracking / hunting partner, feel free to contact me for more information.

B-litter kicking back

Pups Are 1 Week Old

Scout’s Wirehaired Dachshund litter turned 1 week old today. They are all doing well and are growing like weeds. Scout is a great mom. I have given the pups their official first names that will go on their AKC titles. They are as follows;

Blue male- Bucky

Red male- Boyd

Orange male- Bullet

Pink female- Bella

Green male- Blitz

Yellow female- Blaze

B- litter 1 week old

Bela and Blaze

Teckel B-Litter Pups Day 5

Scout is doing a great job and the B-litter pups are doing well. They are gaining weight nicely. Yesterday the pups were taken to the vet for dew claw removal. The pups and their weights are;

Blue boy- 290 grams at birth, 407 grams at 5 days

Red boy- 287 grams at birth, 437 grams at 5 days

Orange boy- 322 grams at birth, 475 grams at 5 days

Pink girl- 298 grams at birth, 430 grams at 5 days

Green boy- 276 grams at birth, 421 grams at 5 days

Yellow girl- 241 grams at birth, 399 grams at 5 days

Blue Boy

Red Boy

Orange Boy

Pink Girl

Green Boy

Yellow Girl

New Litter of Hunting Wirehaired Dachshunds

Scout whelped 6 pups on 12-12-11. There are 2 females and 4 males. The whelping went good and mom and the pups are doing great.

Scout and her new pups

The happy Teckel family

Iowa Shotgun Tracked Deer

Scot Davidson and wirehaired dachshund Vimy recently tracked a mature whitetail for a friend in Iowa. Vimy did a good job and the deer was recovered. Vimy is a young tracker and continues to improve with experience.  I plan on using Vimy as a stud dog in a couple of future breeding’s. The picture is from a phone and is not the best quality. It does however give you an idea of the size of this mature Iowa buck. Good job Scot and Vimy!

Happy hunter with Vimy and recovered buck