Teckel B-Litter Pups Day 5

Scout is doing a great job and the B-litter pups are doing well. They are gaining weight nicely. Yesterday the pups were taken to the vet for dew claw removal. The pups and their weights are;

Blue boy- 290 grams at birth, 407 grams at 5 days

Red boy- 287 grams at birth, 437 grams at 5 days

Orange boy- 322 grams at birth, 475 grams at 5 days

Pink girl- 298 grams at birth, 430 grams at 5 days

Green boy- 276 grams at birth, 421 grams at 5 days

Yellow girl- 241 grams at birth, 399 grams at 5 days

Blue Boy

Red Boy

Orange Boy

Pink Girl

Green Boy

Yellow Girl