Deer Tracking Slowing Down

The tracking calls have slowed down in this area due to the rut and archery hunting winding down. The shotgun seasons have started in Iowa with some snow on the ground. This tends to diminish the need for tracking dogs. I took  Echo out on 12-4-11 to help a friend and his son look for a buck the youth had shot. Unfortunately I don’t believe the deer was fatally wounded and Echo didn’t seem to have her A game with her that day. She is a young tracker and has quite a ways to go before I will consider her a seasoned dog. I did hear from Ray Holohan. His tracking season in Illinois is also slowing down. Ray and his dog Rosco have been busy and have had some good tracks this year. I have included pictures Ray sent of a couple recent finds. FYI,  we are expecting pups in about 4 days and Rosco will be the proud father.

Ray and Rosco with nice buck

Ray and Rosco with Recovered Buck

Ray and Rosco with recovered buck




Scout at 56 Days Pregnant

Scout is about 56 days into her pregnancy. In about a week she should whelp her pups. We are looking forward to the big day or night. Scout has done well during her pregnancy with no problems. She has gained 8 pounds and her belly keeps growing.

Scout 56 days pregnant

Scout 56 days pregnant