7-Week Old Teckel Liver Drag And Deer Pelt Tug Training

Today we got a gift and the weather was 50 degrees. With the help of my friend Scot Davidson I was able to get the pups out and introduce them to deer liver drags and a deer pelt. They turned 7 weeks old today. They all did well and I was pleased to see their interest in one of the things that they were bred to do. Teckels are a versatile hunting dog and can be used for different situations. This is my favorite time of having a litter as they mature and develop their personalities. It is also great to start introducing them to tracking.

Pups get a taste of deer hide








B-litter Pups Turn 7 Weeks Old Tomorrow

Due to an unforeseen emergency surgery, and week stay in the hospital, I have been unable to post recently. My wife Debbie has done an excellent job taking care of the pups and they are all thriving. Tomorrow with the help of a friend I plan to get the pups outside and introduce them to some deer liver drags and pelt tugs. All the pups are spoken for and most of the pick-up dates have been planned.Today a friend brought his kids over and they played with the pups inside. Both the kids and the pups had fun. I think it is important to expose the pups to children and as many new things as you can. Early and ongoing socialization should result in a more stable and steady dog.







Tugging on a scarf will have to work until we find a deer

Pups Get Outside

I got to take the B-litter pups outside for the first time today. They seemed to enjoy the fresh air. They also got to meet their half sister Echo. Although it has been a milder winter than normal I have been waiting for a break in the weather. Today it worked out. Unfortunately the high tomorrow is only supposed to be around 20deg. with some snow in the forecast. The rest of the week is not looking much better. It’s not like I shouldn’t expect cold weather in January living in Iowa.

Echo taking a look at the B-litter

Boyd and Bucky


Pups Are 4 Weeks

The B-litter pups turned 4 weeks today. Everyday they continue to grow and get more active. Here are a few pictures I took of them today. They are pretty much all on their feet and are getting mobile.

Bucky ( Blue boy)

Boyd (Red boy)

Bullet (Orange boy)

Bella (Pink girl)

Blitz (Green boy)

Blaze (Yellow girl)

Proposed Leashed Dog Tracking For Wounded Deer Bill In Iowa

I am still working to get tracking deer with a leashed dog in Iowa legalized. The proposed bill will be written somewhat like this;

“Tracking wounded deer with dogs. Dogs may only be used to track or trail wounded deer. The dog must be on a leash at all times and remain under control of the person using the dog to track the wounded deer. A person must obtain permission from the landowner before using a tracking dog on private land to recover a wounded deer.”

I have worked with Rep. Nate Willems to get the proposed bill introduced. I would appreciate anyone that is interested to contact the people listed below and ask for their support. The more people they hear from the better chance we should have of Iowa getting on board with this. After asking Representative Willems what can be done to help with this bill proposal he replied with the below information.

Next week the bill will be assigned to a committee.  My guess is it will be sent to the House Natural Resources Committee.  The most important person to contact is Henry Rayhons from Garner, but also Jeff Smith (Dickinson Co.) and Curt Hanson (Fairfield).

I would give them a call and send an e-mail.  Explain the issue to them and the history behind your work on it.  Let them know that Rep. Willems has pre-filed this bill.  Ask for their support.

Rayhons: henry.rayhons@legis.state.ia.us<mailto:henry.rayhons@legis.state.ia.us>  H –

(641) 923-2979; Cell – (641) 430-2863

Hanson: curt.hanson@legis.state.ia.us<mailto:curt.hanson@legis.state.ia.us>

H – (641) 472-3349; Cell – (641) 919-2314

Smith: jeff.smith@legis.state.ia.us<mailto:jeff.smith@legis.state.ia.us> H –

(712) 337-4243

Senator Dick Dearden dick.dearden@legis.iowa.gov