Proposed Leashed Dog Tracking For Wounded Deer Bill In Iowa

I am still working to get tracking deer with a leashed dog in Iowa legalized. The proposed bill will be written somewhat like this;

“Tracking wounded deer with dogs. Dogs may only be used to track or trail wounded deer. The dog must be on a leash at all times and remain under control of the person using the dog to track the wounded deer. A person must obtain permission from the landowner before using a tracking dog on private land to recover a wounded deer.”

I have worked with Rep. Nate Willems to get the proposed bill introduced. I would appreciate anyone that is interested to contact the people listed below and ask for their support. The more people they hear from the better chance we should have of Iowa getting on board with this. After asking Representative Willems what can be done to help with this bill proposal he replied with the below information.

Next week the bill will be assigned to a committee.  My guess is it will be sent to the House Natural Resources Committee.  The most important person to contact is Henry Rayhons from Garner, but also Jeff Smith (Dickinson Co.) and Curt Hanson (Fairfield).

I would give them a call and send an e-mail.  Explain the issue to them and the history behind your work on it.  Let them know that Rep. Willems has pre-filed this bill.  Ask for their support.

Rayhons:<>  H –

(641) 923-2979; Cell – (641) 430-2863


H – (641) 472-3349; Cell – (641) 919-2314

Smith:<> H –

(712) 337-4243

Senator Dick Dearden