Iowa Leashed Dog Tracking Bill Makes It Through The Iowa Senate Committees

As some of you may know I have been trying to get Iowa to pass a law legalizing the use of a leashed dog to track wounded deer in Iowa for several years.   My goal is to have Iowa get on board with the other 21 states that it is written in law as being a legal practice.  This year the proposed bill is making its way through the Iowa legislature once again. The first time I attempted this the bill was funneled out and disregarded by the first 3 person committee that reviewed it. After taking time to educate the Iowa DNR and state legislators things are looking better. On 1-31-12 the bill passed out of the full Senate Natural Resources and Environment Committee.  Although this is positive forward movement, the bill still has to make it through the Iowa Senate floor and House of Representatives. The bill has been assigned as SF  2017. I have been told that the Representatives in Southern Iowa oppose this bill. They say this practice will cause  their properties to  be over run by dogs and create more trespassers. I have told them this is nothing different than a person tracking a deer now except that the tracker may have a dog on a lead ahead of him helping to find sign and ultimately the animal. This bill has specific language that states that the dog will be required to be on a lead and that the person tracking must obtain permission prior to going on private property. I don’t know how the law can be any more clear cut than that. I don’t understand their argument. I have written these particular legislators and asked them to please not punish all Iowans in the other counties if they do not trust the citizens in their counties and do not believe them to be ethical enough to follow the rules. If you are reading this and you live in one of the Southern Iowa counties please take the time to look up your Representative. You can give them a call or send an email  explaining your support for SF2017. You can find your Representative and their contact information on the Iowa Legislation website. I thank you and appreciate any of the support I can get.