Echo and Vimy Breeding

Echo (FC Abby Von Riggan Hibbs) was bred to Vimy (FC Vimy Ridge Von Lowenherz) on 2-18-12 and 2-19-12.  Vimy is owned by Scot Davidson of Cedar Rapids, IA and Echo is owned by me. This will be a first breeding for both these dogs and I expect good things from this litter. These dogs are both high energy dogs and do not lack enthusiasm when working. These dogs have both shown promising things in their first tracking seasons and also excel at hunting rabbits.  Both dogs voice when getting on hot rabbit scent. I will confirm the pregnancy in less than a month through ultrasound. If all goes well we should be expecting pups around 4-21-12. I have a waiting list of new puppy owners for this litter. It is possible there could be a pup or two available once the litter is here. If you are interested in a Wirehaired Dachshund as a companion, and working partner, you can contact me at  for more information.

Echo ( FC Abby Von Riggan Hibbs )

Vimy ( FC Vimy Ridge Von Lowenherz )


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