Echo And Vimy Breeding Outcome

I took Echo to the vet on 3-21-12 for a pregnancy ultrasound confirmation. Unfortunately the breeding did not take. This was her first breeding and I believe the timing must have been off. Although I was disappointed and somewhat surprised of the outcome I plan on breeding Echo again during her next heat.  I am looking forward to attending some field trials in about a month. Echo will now be able to compete along with Scout.

Razen And Rosco

Ray Holohan of Illinois recently sent me a picture of his dogs Razen and Rosco in the family ATV mule.  Razen is a pup out of the B-litter that Rosco sired. The resemblance of Razen and Rosco is quite evident in the picture.

Razen and Rosco

Puppy Track Training

I have been receiving  track training updates from most of the new owners of the B-Litter pups.  The pups seem to be taking to the training well. A couple are slow to get going and are getting distracted by blowing leaves and other things. I believe pups are like people and they all learn at their own pace. Sometimes the training has to be tweaked to get the pups interested. The main thing is to remain patient and don’t expect miracles with them at such a young age. Many times I read about very young dogs pulling off an amazing track. I’m sure it does happen but I believe it takes a lot of  time, training, and experience for most of these dogs to mature.  I’ve included two of the updates I’ve received from new owners.

(From Ray in Illinois)

Hi Brian, Did a 200yrd. track today with Razen. It has 3 checks, 2 hours old, strictly blood with small chunks of nuked liver every 30-40 ft. and we ran it right before dark. She aced it and I didn’t have to help her at all. I’m pretty sure she has the “right stuff”. I am really proud of her. I hope you don’t mind me bragging on her, but I know you know what all that stuff means and you might want to brag on your pups too.

Later Ray, Rosco, Razen, and Claudia

 (From Brian in Kansas)

Blitz did his third track today. We went about 300 yards with six 90 degree turns. I really thought I had screwed up as it seemed a bit tough. The area we did this in was a four wheeler area so there were lots of trails for him to get off the line with. He over ran all of the turns but checked himself within the first 15 yards or so. One of the turns went up a pretty steep hill and it took 2-3 minutes for him to find it.

This was a 2 hour old line. I still don’t have any blood so I used a fresh liver and let it touch the ground about every 3 yards. I am going to do a 4 hour old line next Friday but I am thinking about taking the liver I used today, throwing it in a blender with some water to dilute it down to use for blood. Any thoughts on that?

So far so good with Blitz. He has a nasty little temper on him but that sounds like a breed thing. He is very loving and loves to cuddle up with the kids during nap time. He is straight up ferocious though when he finds a hide and liver at the end of a line. I’m talking fangs and all. It is his find and he is not sharing with anyone. He has never exhibited that  behavior anywhere else and I hope he doesn’t.

To say that I am pleased with his abilities would be an understatement.