2012 Spring Dachshund Field Trial Event

I recently returned from a 3 day field trial event held in Roscoe ILL. I attended the event with my friend Scot Davidson. I took my dogs Scout and Echo. Scot took his dog Vimy. Scout has never been and competed with the open class. Echo and Vimy have obtained their Field Champion titles and got to compete with some of the top field trial dogs in the country in the Field Champion class. Scout placed with a 2nd and a 3rd on two of the days. Echo got a 4th on one day which I was very happy with considering some of the talented bitches she ran against. Scots dog Vimy placed a very impressive 1st on April the 21st.  I would also like to extend a congrats out to Laurel Winstance Smith and her bitch Stanzi for getting a 1st April 20th. That was a day that all the Field Champion dogs and bitches ran combined. My congratulations also go out to all the winners I didn’t mention.

If you ever get a chance to attend one of these events with your dog I recommend you give it a go. They are usually held in the Spring and Fall seasons in different areas of the country. If your dog has any prey drive you will probably enjoy watching them improve every day as they learn the game. It is best not to get wrapped up in the placements as there are judges involved. In my opinion the real enjoyment is watching your dog hunt,  improve,  and being socialized around other Dachshunds.

Scout with her 2nd place ribbon

Scot Davidson and Vimy receiving their impressive 1st place Field Champion ribbon