Chui a Teckel from Idaho

Recently Edd and Leanne Woslum of Idaho sent me some updated pictures of their teckel Chui. Chui is out of my B-litter breeding and has developed into a nice looking dog. She gets plenty of exercise living on a beautiful ranch in Idaho. Her track training has been a little hit and miss, but I see good things in her future. Edd and Leanne use the ranch not only to live on but to also hunt and guide trophy game including bear, mountain lion, and mule deer. It will be interesting to see how Chui enjoys some real tracking this coming fall. Chui and the rest of the B-litter pups are now about 5.5 months old.

Chui at 7.5 weeks old

Chui with her litter mates

Chui at 5.5 months

Chui at 5.5 months

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