Tracking Dogs On a 4-Wheeler

Edd of Idaho sent me this picture and caption today. Edd and Leanne live on a ranch and own several dogs they hunt and track with including Chui of our most recent B-litter.

 "Ok guys, it's my turn to drive." Tilly you watch for traffic, Jesse you
look out for pedestrians, Kalua you keep an eye out for the cops. Now does
anyone know where the Sam Hell the starter is????

Available Female Hunting Wirehaired Dachshund Pup

Laurel Wistance-Smith has a quality female pup available. I have been around her dogs and do strongly recommend them. She wrote this about the available pup;

I have one female puppy left.  I think she is going to be a really good tracker.  She has high drive and a good nose and is very sweet.  Her name is Lyriq.  If you know anyone who is looking for one of these dogs ready to start real training tracks this fall please let me know.

If you are interested in this pup you can contact Laurel Whistance-Smith at 705 277-9183 or

Tracking Dachshunds and Rattle Snakes

Recently I received a story from Willis and Kathy of Louisiana about their Teckel named Bullet. Bullet came from our most recent breeding of Scout and her B-litter pups. Willis lives down in snake country and Bullet had an encounter with a Rattlesnake the other night. I am glad to report Bullet did not get bitten and the snake died of lead poisoning. Dachshunds are not the best breed in snake country. Because of their low build they are more vulnerable to take a strike from a venomous snake. Willis is a great owner and will not even track when the snakes are most active. This encounter did not happen while tracking. Willis wrote;

      It's been quite a while since I gave you a Bullet report and we had
 such an exciting incident last night I felt like I should tell you about
 this.  We have a kennel about 5 feet in front of our house and this is
 where Bullet gets to go for short intervals {short because of the heat} to
 take care of his business.  He is basically in the house with us all the
 time, loves to ride in the truck with me which happens pretty often, and
 gets lots of exercise playing with toys in the living room.  His routine
 is to get to go the kennel for about 10  minutes just before bedtime. 
 Last night Kathy put him in the kennel and was getting ready for bed.  She
 was taking care of him because my right foot has a little problem and I
 was avoiding climbing the steps on the porch.  About 5 minutes after she
 put him out we heard him barking with a really different tone than usual,
 really agitated.  She went out to check on him and there was a 4 1/2
 in the kennel with him.  Bullet seemed to have done the right thing by
 backing off and barking instead of sticking his big nose right up to it
 so he didn't get bit.  Its really ironic for this to happen, because I've
 backed off on training him this summer because of my fear of a snake
 getting him on a track, and then he almost gets bit right here at the
 house.  Anyway, Kathy managed to scoop him up and I managed to 12 gauge
 the snake without any misfortune to anyone except for the snake.  Other
 than this, Bullet has been doing really well.  He is still growing a bit
 and is really athletic.  We try to limit the jumping but he really likes
 to push his limits on the physical activity. 


Louisiana Rattler