Another Track From Razen Kane

Ray Holohan of Illinois sent me another nice story of a track  his young pup Razen did recently. Ray’s wife Claudia has been teaming up with Razen and making a difference. Good job and keep up the great work!

Claudia, Razen, Ray and a nice mature buck that was found


Ray wrote;

Hi Brian,  here is a picture of Razen’s first buck. She has been doing a

excellent job tracking so far with 5 recoveries out of 13 tracks. Rosco is 2

for 7 ,but I have been doing more with Razen trying to get her more

experience before the busy time comes. We have done a total of 15 tracks

running sometimes both dogs on the same deer .Claudia is doing pretty good

too, I have been going with her most of the time,although she has 2 to go on

today by herself. Have a good season,I will keep in touch  Ray

Tracking Dogs and an Idaho Mulie

Edd, Chui and the big mulie


Edd Wolsum of Idaho sent me a picture of a nice mulie that was taken off his ranch and tracked using his Wirehaired Dachshund Chui and one of his other dogs Tillie.

Edd wrote this;

That mulie was very difficult. He was straight down the side of a mountain and in 12 inch high star thistle and cheat grass and 6 inch round rocks that were covered by the extremely dry cheat grass. I had 2 dogs with me and both of them were sneezing and choking from the particles coming off the grass. Going down the mountain was horrible as by the time it was black dark. I had a very hard time finding the spot where I shot him so I turned both Lilly and Chui loose. They both found the spot and were tracking. I couldn’t keep them in sight but heard them both when they found the deer. Chui was barking at it like a loony. I don’t know which one got there first but they were both on the deer. The track was about 125 yards but in very nasty stuff. This terrain and cheat grass are both pretty tough on the little 9 1/2 inch dog.

Razen Kane’s First Deer Recovery

I received this photo and story from Ray and Claudia Holohan of Illinois. They own an accomplished Wirehaired Dachshund named Rosco. Rosco sired my last litter with Scout. Ray and Claudia kept a pup from the litter. She is known as Razen Kane.  Ray and Razen tracked down a mature doe the other day.  I’m sure it will be the first of many.

Hi Brian,

I hope all is well and your tracking season going well too.   I’m sending a photo of Razen’s first recovery. I received a call Sunday afternoon from a friend of a friend who new I was looking for a fairly easy track to put Razen Kane on. She had  been on 3 other tracks that ,although she had tracked well on was unable to come up with a recovery. This guy had made a pretty good shot on this doe,then gave it some time before trailing. The first 300 yrds. of the track he said the blood trail looked like someone poured it out of a bucket , the next 200yrds he had  pretty steady drops to where it crossed a road and into a high grass waterway . After they entered the waterway the doe jumped up up and ran down the field towards the river, at this point they backed out. By time I got there with Razen the track was about 8 hours old , I started her at the road and into the waterway she went zig zagging and checking her way through ,I was unable to see any blood in the waterway until we came out of it and she was on the blood. Then she proceeded down the edge of a bean field, through a cockerburr patch, into a dried creekbed and outof it to where she found the doe. The track was about 200 yrds long, she went right up to the deer and started smelling and licking it then looked at me as to say ” so this is what a deer looks like” . It was a great track for her and she had to work at it. The deer was a heart shot and still managed to go about 800 yrds. I helped the guy drag it out and my wife Claudia had a hard time holding Razen back ,she kew it was her deer and wanted it.

Take care    Ray , Rosco, Razen and Claudia

Ray and Razen

FC Chipsy Scout Vom Hessenjaeger SW

I recently attended a Dachshund field trial event in Roscoe Illinois. It was held at the Northern Illinois Beagle Club. There was a large turnout with approximately 100 dogs competing. I entered my dogs Scout and Echo over the 4 days I attended. Scout was able to earn her Field Champion title with a 1st in the Open Bitch class. On this day the Open Bitch class had 35 entries. Echo whom is already a Field Champion competed against some great dogs in the Field Champion Bitch class on 2 of the days. She placed 2nd one day and 4th the other. My friend Scot Davidson’s dog Vimy took a 2nd and a 3rd in the Field Champion Dog class on two of the four days I attended. During the 2nd 4 days of field trials Scot returned and attended 3 of the days with Vimy.  Vimy took a first and a second in the Field Champion Dog class during this visit. Good job Vimy!

The scenting conditions were extremely tough for the dogs due to the dry drought conditions and plenty of wind. Roscoe is an awesome place to run field trials because of the abundance of rabbits. On the days I attended, the trials were hosted by the Badger Dachshund Club and the Minnesota Dachshund Club. I would like to thank those two clubs and everyone who worked hard to put on these events.

As a side note Echo went into heat about 2 months earlier than I had expected. She was bred with Vimy twice while we were at the trials. The dogs had 2 successful ties and hopefully pups will be on the way in a couple of months.

I am now looking forward to tracking deer as the season is upon us.

FC Chipsy Scout Vom Hessenjaeger SW


FC Abby Von Riggan Hibbs (Echo)


FC Vimy Ridge Von Lowenherz