FC Chipsy Scout Vom Hessenjaeger SW

I recently attended a Dachshund field trial event in Roscoe Illinois. It was held at the Northern Illinois Beagle Club. There was a large turnout with approximately 100 dogs competing. I entered my dogs Scout and Echo over the 4 days I attended. Scout was able to earn her Field Champion title with a 1st in the Open Bitch class. On this day the Open Bitch class had 35 entries. Echo whom is already a Field Champion competed against some great dogs in the Field Champion Bitch class on 2 of the days. She placed 2nd one day and 4th the other. My friend Scot Davidson’s dog Vimy took a 2nd and a 3rd in the Field Champion Dog class on two of the four days I attended. During the 2nd 4 days of field trials Scot returned and attended 3 of the days with Vimy.  Vimy took a first and a second in the Field Champion Dog class during this visit. Good job Vimy!

The scenting conditions were extremely tough for the dogs due to the dry drought conditions and plenty of wind. Roscoe is an awesome place to run field trials because of the abundance of rabbits. On the days I attended, the trials were hosted by the Badger Dachshund Club and the Minnesota Dachshund Club. I would like to thank those two clubs and everyone who worked hard to put on these events.

As a side note Echo went into heat about 2 months earlier than I had expected. She was bred with Vimy twice while we were at the trials. The dogs had 2 successful ties and hopefully pups will be on the way in a couple of months.

I am now looking forward to tracking deer as the season is upon us.

FC Chipsy Scout Vom Hessenjaeger SW


FC Abby Von Riggan Hibbs (Echo)


FC Vimy Ridge Von Lowenherz


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2 Responses to “FC Chipsy Scout Vom Hessenjaeger SW”

  1. John Levell says:

    And the Minnesota Dachshund Club wants to Thank You, Brian, for participating in our field trials as well. The same goes out to Scot and every other competitor in our club’s field events too. The participation of you all contributes so much to the success of these events and makes hosting such things most worthwhile. In addition, the outstanding support the Dachshund Field Trial community has exhibited for the Harvest Moon Classic, as well as the high levels of camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed, is something I believe all four host clubs greatly appreciate indeed! Plans are already being laid for Harvest Moon Classic 2015 and I, for one, look for to seeing you all there again next year.

    All the Best,
    John Levell – Minnsota Dachshund Club President

    • Brian says:

      Thanks John. The Roscoe trials are definitely better run and organized than other trials I’ve attended. The judges are also much more experienced and better rounded than a recent trial I went to. I look forward to the 2015 Harvest Moon Classic. See you there.


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