Tracking Dogs and an Idaho Mulie

Edd, Chui and the big mulie


Edd Wolsum of Idaho sent me a picture of a nice mulie that was taken off his ranch and tracked using his Wirehaired Dachshund Chui and one of his other dogs Tillie.

Edd wrote this;

That mulie was very difficult. He was straight down the side of a mountain and in 12 inch high star thistle and cheat grass and 6 inch round rocks that were covered by the extremely dry cheat grass. I had 2 dogs with me and both of them were sneezing and choking from the particles coming off the grass. Going down the mountain was horrible as by the time it was black dark. I had a very hard time finding the spot where I shot him so I turned both Lilly and Chui loose. They both found the spot and were tracking. I couldn’t keep them in sight but heard them both when they found the deer. Chui was barking at it like a loony. I don’t know which one got there first but they were both on the deer. The track was about 125 yards but in very nasty stuff. This terrain and cheat grass are both pretty tough on the little 9 1/2 inch dog.

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