Another Track From Razen Kane

Ray Holohan of Illinois sent me another nice story of a track  his young pup Razen did recently. Ray’s wife Claudia has been teaming up with Razen and making a difference. Good job and keep up the great work!

Claudia, Razen, Ray and a nice mature buck that was found


Ray wrote;

Hi Brian,  here is a picture of Razen’s first buck. She has been doing a

excellent job tracking so far with 5 recoveries out of 13 tracks. Rosco is 2

for 7 ,but I have been doing more with Razen trying to get her more

experience before the busy time comes. We have done a total of 15 tracks

running sometimes both dogs on the same deer .Claudia is doing pretty good

too, I have been going with her most of the time,although she has 2 to go on

today by herself. Have a good season,I will keep in touch  Ray