Razen Kane

Ray Holohan is a serious tracker from Illinois with his team of trackers Rosco and Razen Kane.  His wife Claudia is also getting into the game. This is Razen Kane’s 1st tracking season and Ray has been sending me great updates of their searches.


Ray, Razen, and the hunter with a dandy buck

Ray wrote this;
Hi Brian
This is a picture of Razens  15th  recovery out of 27 tracks. This track was on  camera and will be shown on the TV show Southern Woods and Water, not sure when yet. The deer was shot in the neck at 52 yrds,they had a good blood trail for about a 1/2 mile . It started to dwindle ,so they backed out and gave me a call .The guy who shot it is Mike Wise a prostaffer for the show, he had been on another track that we did and I explained to them if the shot is iffy or the blood starts to dwindle , back out and give me a call. This way they wouldn’t track it all up with the blood that would be on their shoes, it made this track a lot easier to track. We are having a great season , so far we have done 38 tracks with 18 recoveries .
Ray, Rosco, Claudia, and Razen Kane


I received another nice picture of a whitetail that was tracked by Chui of Idaho. Edd wrote ” notice the hair in her mouth”. Thanks Edd and Chui. Keep up the good work!

Chui of Idaho

Bullet’s First Recovery

Willis McGee of Alabama sent this picture and comment of his Teckel Bullet’s first recovery. Bullet is 11 months old and came from our last breeding of Scout and Rosco. Good job guys. I’m sure it’s the first find of many.

Willis with Bullet and a nice buck

Willis wrote;


Bullet found this mountable 10-point within a few minutes. The picture says it all!


Vimy’s Successful Track

Scot Davidson and his dog Vimy recently worked hard to help recover a nice mature buck.  The tracking team headed out to a reported gut shot deer. The hunter reported the deer was moving when he made a shot and the arrow had struck farther back than anticipated. After letting the buck sit and searching the first day the track was stopped and resumed the following day. The first day of tracking had produced the hunter’s arrow and a still very alive deer that got up and took off.  After more tracking the following day the buck was found and had indeed died of a paunch shot. During the track two other deer racks with skulls were also found.

Vimy was bred to our bitch Echo recently and we are expecting pups in several weeks.

Vimy, the happy hunter, and a mature whitetail


Idaho Wirehaired Dachshund and a recovered Whitetail

Idaho buck, Chui and a successful hunter


Here’s a nice picture Edd Woslum of Idaho sent of his Teckel Chui with a recovered mature whitetail and the successful hunter. Edd and Leanne own and operate the Yellow Wolf Ranch in White Bird Idaho. Thanks Edd and keep up the good hunting.