Fritz’s First Recovery

 Derek of Illinois recently wrote me of his dog Fritz’s first recovery. Fritz came from our last breeding of Scout and Rosco. Derek’s dog Fritz is an up and coming 10 month old deer tracker.  Good job Derek and Fritz.  Keep up the good work!
Derek wrote;
Just thought I would let you know Fritz made his first recovery today! We got the call this morning two hunters had shot deer one Monday night the other this morning out of the same stand. We worked the oldest trail till we entered a winter wheat field off the property line and had to call it. We then worked the single lung.and pouch shot for some 200 yards, walking right past the buck but returned for the prize.
Derek & Fritz

Echo Vimy Breeding Successful

I took Echo for an ultrasound today and I am happy to report she is carrying pups. The vet saw 4 pups, although she always says she tends to underestimate the number. She has however been very accurate in my prior breeding’s. Echo was bred with Vimy and I am anticipating a quality litter of future trackers and Field Champions. Pups should be whelped sometime from a 12-4 through 12-6 timeline. All the pups are spoken for.

Echo 30 days pregnant