C-Litter Pups 3 Weeks

Echo’s C-Litter pups turn 3 weeks old tomorrow. They are all starting to walk and get mobile. Today they got their first worming and nail clippings. In the next few weeks their personalities will start to come out and they will continue to get a lot more active.


C-Litter 3 weeks

Echo and Chaos

Echo and Chaos


Red Collar Male (Cole)

Yellow Collar Male (Camp)

Yellow Collar Male (Camp)


Blue Collar Male (Charger)

Blue Collar Male (Charger)

Orange Collar Male (Chaos)

Orange Collar Male (Chaos)


Purple Collar Female (Carlee)

Purple Collar Female (Carlee)



Ray and Claudia Holohan to have a televised track with Razen

Ray Holohan passed along info regarding a couple of tracks that were done with his dog Razen. One of them is to be aired sometime Friday 12-21-12 on the hunting show Southern Woods and Water. It will show on the Pursuit Channel at 9:00 pm somewhere. This is one of two successful finds that were done this fall 2012. The tracks were done for  Pro-staff member Mike Wise of Southern Woods and Water. The other track will be shown on the show sometime in the future. Razen is a pup that came from the B-Litter breeding of Ray Holohan’s Rosco and our Scout. Thanks again Ray and Claudia for showing the value of a tracking team.

Razen and Rosco

Razen and Rosco


Claudia, Razen, Ray and a nice mature buck that was found on a different track

Claudia, Razen, Ray and a nice mature buck from an earlier track

17 pt and 9 pt bucks tracked by Razen

17 pt and 9 pt tracked by Claudia and Razen

C-Litter 12 Days Old

C-Litter 12 days

The C-Litter is coming along at 12 days old. They are getting more mobile and should be opening their eyes soon. Walking will not be far behind. Then the fun begins!

(Cole) red collar male 1.4pds.

(Camp) yellow collar male 1.6 pds.

(Charger) blue collar male 1.6 pds.

(Chaos) orange collar male 1.3 pds.

(Carlee) purple collar female 1.7pds.

Echo and Cole


Echo Litter 6 Days Old

The C-Litter is doing well. They had their dew claws removed on 12-7-12. The pups weights are as follows;

Blue Pup (Charger) – Male 421 grams

Orange Pup (Chaos)- Male 307 grams

Yellow Pup (Camp)- Male 381 grams

Red Pup (Cole)- Male 353 grams

Purple Pup (Carlee)- Female 426 grams






Razen Does It Again

I received another nice couple of tracking stories from Ray and Claudia of Illinois.  They track with their teckels Razen and Rosco. They have recovered some really nice whitetails this season. Several of these tracks were filmed and will be aired on future hunting shows. It is great that they are promoting the use of tracking with dogs and showing the benefits of using them!

17pt. buck recovered by Razen Kane

Ray wrote:

Hi Brian   Razen has done it again . She made a 500yrd. track with only 1drop of blood to find this  17 point monster buck for the same hunter that we tracked the buck for last Monday. She recovered a nice 9 pointer last evening.  Claudia was the tracker in both instances. Razen is becoming quite popular around here. It looks like Scout and Rosco produced some pretty good pups.     Ray, Rosco,Claudia and Razen
I will send you a picture of the hunter holding both bucks, He said on camera that he wants to show people how useful a tracking dog really is. He is a believer now.

Two mature Midwest bucks tracked by Razen