Ray and Claudia Holohan to have a televised track with Razen

Ray Holohan passed along info regarding a couple of tracks that were done with his dog Razen. One of them is to be aired sometime Friday 12-21-12 on the hunting show Southern Woods and Water. It will show on the Pursuit Channel at 9:00 pm somewhere. This is one of two successful finds that were done this fall 2012. The tracks were done for  Pro-staff member Mike Wise of Southern Woods and Water. The other track will be shown on the show sometime in the future. Razen is a pup that came from the B-Litter breeding of Ray Holohan’s Rosco and our Scout. Thanks again Ray and Claudia for showing the value of a tracking team.

Razen and Rosco

Razen and Rosco


Claudia, Razen, Ray and a nice mature buck that was found on a different track

Claudia, Razen, Ray and a nice mature buck from an earlier track

17 pt and 9 pt bucks tracked by Razen

17 pt and 9 pt tracked by Claudia and Razen