C-Litter 3 Days

The C-Litter is doing well. Echo seems to be doing a great job being a mom. Unfortunately we did lose one of the females. She was born last and was very small and weak. She did not respond to supplemental feeding and only lived about 30hrs. I will be taking the litter for dew claw removal tomorrow. The pup in the picture with the purple collar is the single female in the litter.

C-Litter at 3 days old

Echo Whelps 6 Pups

Echo and the C-litter pups

Echo whelped 6 pups today (12-4-12). The first one was delivered at 3:30 am with the last pup coming around 7:00am. There are 4 boys and 2 girls. Echo and the pups are doing well. As for me, I’m going to take a nap.  The sire is Vimy Ridge Von Lowenherz and is owned by Scot and Shelly Davidson. These pups are all spoken for.

The C-litter


Echo Whelping Getting Near

Echo has had an uneventful pregnancy and should be whelping in 3-5 days. I am expecting some active little Teckels as Echo and Vimy (Sire) are high drive dogs.  The vet predicted 4 pups through ultrasound. We will see!

Echo 58-60 days pregnant

Easy Track For Scout

This has been a tough tracking season for me and Scout. We have not done as many tracks and there have not been as many deer at the end of them. That’s the way tracking can go. People don’t normally need help tracking if everything went just right. Fortunately Scout got to track and find this nice buck.

Successful hunter with Scout ,myself, and a mature buck