Dachshund Pups and Socialization

Socialization is important for any pups. I think for working Dachshunds it is especially important. If not exposed to different dogs and people at a young age they will not be as well rounded. Many dog breeds have been bred down for a mellow temperament thus reducing some of their hunting drive. That is great if you only want a pet. That is also important to remember when choosing a dog and breeder to make sure the dog comes from working bloodlines. I agree temperament is one of the most important things when breeding. I also think if you want a dog with a high hunting drive that it is also very important in the breeding. Finding the right balance between temperament and drive are two of my top goals when breeding. Recently the 5 week C-litter was visited by the sire owners family. Everyone seemed to have a good time including the pups.

C litter Davidsons 1

C-litter Davidsons 2

C litter Davidsons 4

C litter Davidsons 5

C litter Davidsons 3