Two C-Litter Pups Go New Homes

Two of the C-litter pups have gone home to be with their owners. Camp the yellow collared male is headed home to Wisconsin. I was told by the family they have decided to call him Cash. Cole the red collared male is headed to his home in northern Iowa.

I am happy to see these pups going to homes where they will be worked as trackers and become part of the family. As a breeder it is my ultimate goal to get pups to the best homes I can. It is not a first come first serve basis as I decide who I think will give the best home and life for a pup. I do my best to get the pups to people that are in it for the right reasons and offer a home that a working dog deserves. I look forward to hearing updates as the pups mature!

Yellow male

Yellow male

Yellow Male 8 weeks

Yellow male 8 weeks

Yellow male (Cash)/  Wisconsin

Yellow male (Cash) with Wisconsin family

Red and blue male

Red male digging into a deer pelt



Red male 8 weeks

Red male with new owner Iowa

Red male with new Iowa owner