2013-2014 Hunting Season Approaches

Successful Youth Hunter

Successful Youth Hunter

Although this blog is normally about dogs and their tracking abilities, it all starts with hunting. When I initially got interested in obtaining, and training my first tracking Dachshund, it all started with hunting.  A relative of mine had shot a deer with a bow and we were unable to locate it. A week later a local farmer found the deer not far from where we had left off.  I am certain if I would of had a tracking dog at that time we would have recovered that deer sooner.

Last fall a local youth had his first successful bow hunt. There was no need to call in a tracking dog for this recovery. The shot was true and the deer did not go very far. This young man had hunted hard the year prior and was successful this season. Congratulations to Taylor and his successful hunt.  It is great to see youth involved, and passionate about the experience of hunting. As we enter August, the 2014 hunting seasons will soon be upon us.

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