Skeeter’s First Track

Skeeter Von Riggan Hibbs

Skeeter Von Riggan Hibbs

Here’s an update I received recently from Jeff and Tammy about their dog Skeeter.  Skeeter came out of our  C-litter that was whelped in December of 2012.  Congratulations Jeff and Tammy on Skeeter’s successful track and recovery. Keep up the good work!

I shot a doe with my bow Saturday morning.  The shot was a little back and I
found out later nicked the liver.  Skeeter and Tammy took the track about an
hour later and proceeded to cross a dry creek and across uncut soybeans with
a light blood trail.  Then the blood stopped and Skeeter took over.  He took
us 80 + yards down a bare field edge with no visible blood and then dove
into the trees where Tammy found blood.  Across the creek again with a stop
in the creek bottom to pick up my arrow and another 200 yards north until
the trail ran out in a wooded bedding area.  It was eleven a.m. and Skeeter
was signed up for Dachshund races in a neighboring town, so we left the
track until later that afternoon.  We got back to the area at 5:30 that
afternoon.  Skeeter and Tammy went to the Point of Loss while I checked out
a nearby patch of trees.   Ten minutes and 50 yards from the Point of Loss
they found her in some tall grass.  I had walked within 15 feet of her when
I walked thru the area earlier in the day.  The track was over 400 yards and
the wind was blowing 25 mph from the north with gusts to 35 mph.  We could
not be more proud.  

Thanks again for a great little dog.
Jeff & Tammy
Tammy and Skeeter with the recovered doe

Tammy and Skeeter with the recovered doe


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