Olii A Young Deer Tracker From New York

Dan of New York has been busy tracking with his young pup Olii. Olii is a young male pup that came out of our recent D-litter. Dan is an experienced tracker and hunter. He also tracks with his other Dachshund “Usti”. Dan has done a great job training Olii, and things are looking good. Below is an email describing Dan”s recent hunt and track with Olii.

Thanks for the update Dan.  Good luck and continued success in this years hunting, and tracking seasons.

Dan and Olii

Dan and Olii

Sunday’s are family day for us. So when I got home that evening I figured I would take a little time for myself. I only had about an hour and a half.
So I hit the trail behind my house. I positioned myself on about a 20 ft rise overlooking a funnel area.Time was running out. I grabbed the rattle bag and worked it along with the grunt call. In less then 10 minutes I heard a loud noise coming my way. The 8 pointer came out thrashing branches and pawing the ground. My range finder said 35 yards. No problem I thought.
At that moment he turned and headed straight for me. He turned broadside at
18 yards. When the arrow hit I could tell it was a good. After a few minutes I got down. Found the arrow. All good sign. I went back to the house to get Olii. My oldest daughter came with me. I put Olii down at the hit sight. At first there was very little blood. In fact as the track continued we found even less blood. As we tracked I played the shot over and over in my mind. I thought for sure it was good. Olii was on the trail hard. Nose to the ground with excitement. I figured  I should trust the dog. I’m glad I did! After about 200 yrd we began to find more and more blood. Finally after about another 100yrd. we found him piled up. Olii did AWESOME! What had happened was that the entrance of the arrow was high. As you can see from picture the exit wound  was perfect. He was a good buck with a lot of testosterone in him. Olii continues to impress me more and more. When we got to the hit sight there were other deer standing where we needed to be.. Olii picked up the blood and was not distracted by the other fresher scent. I know this is by no means a 20 hour old track. But he is starting to get the experience he needs. There is no doubt in my mind he will continue to progress and be the same on an old cold line on the real thing when the time comes. I know he will. In training him on 20 hour old fake lines he does great! Thanks again Brian for a great dog.


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