Sookie Strikes Again

Here’s another report I received from Randy of Louisiana about his young tracker Sookie. Congratulations on another successful recovery.

Randy with Sookie and the recovered buck

Randy with Sookie and the recovered buck

Hey Brian, I’m here to report another successful track with little Sookie! I got the call this evening from the same buddy that harvested Sookie’s first find. Initially there was no blood found at the shot site, and no arrow to be found. We dropped Little Sookie where the buck stood and she was able to unravel the mystery. She got it figured out and the track was on. Sookie found great blood not far into the track and it looked like it was going to be a short run. There were scenes along the way that looked like a cheap horror flick and then stretches of little or no evidence. Of course the buck decided to go through the thickest briar patch on the place. After what seemed like an eternity in the thorn thicket, we came out on a trail and jumped the deer about 20 yards in front of us. We could see the deer go down again about 40 yards down the trail. We backed off and retrieved the bow to see if we could get a finishing shot. Little Sookie saw the deer get up and run, and I could tell it threw her for a loop because that never happened in prior training tracks or her other find. She growled and barked a bit and was quite displeased with us backing away. If she could talk, I’m guessing it would have sounded like……”What are you idiots doing? The deer is back that way! We’re going the wrong way.” She whined the whole time until we were headed back to see if we could get a finishing shot. By the time we made it to where we saw him go down, the deer had expired. The hunter was hunting from the ground and the shot was a high hit behind the shoulder. The broad head barely poked a small hole on the other side at the same height. After checking a mapping program, the best I can figure is the track was 3/4 of a mile long! I’m so proud of this little pup! She’s got a great “want to work” when it’s time to go!


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