Fritz’s Track

Derek and his Teckel Fritz have been busy tracking deer. Derek hunts and tracks in Illinois. Fritz is a two year old dog out of the B-litter. Here is a story Derek sent of a recent track and recovery they had. Thanks for the update and keep up the great work!

Derek and Fritz with a friend and his recovered buck

Derek and Fritz with the hunter and his recovered buck

Derek wrote;

Just got home from an amazing display of tracking! One of my best buds called me and had shot this deer high just as it spun. He watched it run 75 yards and cross the fence. Fritz picked it up an hour after the shot at the fence crossing. We found just 4 tiny spots of blood in 35 yards after he crossed the fence, then Fritz hit a small drainage at the bottom of a large pastured hill side and froze. He tracked up the drainage and found a dead coyote. I thought we where done because all he wanted to do was go after the coyote. I picked him up and restarted at the last drop of blood and he then crossed the drainage this time digging hard crossing up the long hill on the other side. Then he started to zig-zagging back and forth, I thought he lost the track, but I shined the deers eyes in a hole at the bottom of the hill, he had rolled down the hill and that was what Fritz was tracking. My buddy Rhett said he would have never found this deer because it was circling around to go behind his stand, and there was no blood at all the last 50 yards, he never would have looked that way! Fritz got a scoop of ice cream when we got home and now he’s waiting at the door to go again! I’m so proud of him! The icing on cake, we tracked one for Rhett last year but never found a thing, sweet justice!


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