Planned Litter’s 2014

I am planning two litter’s in 2014. These are both repeat breedings.  If all goes well, we expect to have the first litter (Echo and Vimy) in April, and the second (Scout and Vimy) in August. I have been getting many inquiries about these planned litters. I am grateful people are interested in obtaining a pup from us and appreciate all the interest.  At this time I am not taking any more names for our waiting list. I don’t want to give people a false hope of having a pup available for them. I will be happy to forward some other breeder’s I recommend to anyone that is interested. There just aren’t that many people that breed hunting and working Dachshunds in the country. You will find that you may have to wait awhile before one becomes available.

Echo and the C-litter pups

Echo and the C-litter pups

Scout and D-Litter pups

Scout and the D-Litter pups

Vimy Field Trial with Will

Vimy 1st Place at Roscoe Field Trial FC Dog Class




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2 Responses to “Planned Litter’s 2014”

  1. Randi LaBar says:

    Hi Brian, Just got a pup from Tom &Jackie Muniz in Alabama but would love another one. Would you mind forwarding that info on other breeders. We have spoken with many but as you know the demand is so high. I own a resort in the Adirondacks ( but am from Arkansas and am in ar now. My family members are avid bow hunters and love these dogs!!! Thanks so much Brian!!! Randi

    • Brian says:

      Hi Randi,
      You are right, the demand for tracking Dachshunds is high, and they can be tough to come by. Sometimes you may just have to wait awhile. I know of a gal that has bred her female and is waiting to hear if the breeding took. Once I find out if her dog is pregnant, and if she is taking names for owners, I will be happy to send you her contact info. She is located in the St Louis area. As far as I know this litter is not spoken for. Her dog is a good hunter and has excelled at Field Trial events. She bred to a dog that was imported from Germany and that is mainly used for tracking and companionship.

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