Echo 5 Weeks Pregnant

Echo 5 weeks pregnant

Echo 5 weeks pregnant

Echo is about 5 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy was confirmed through ultrasound earlier. It is now pretty obvious that Echo is starting to show. The vet predicted a small litter through the ultrasound.  She felt that she only saw 2 pups. I am taking Echo back in next week for another look. Ultrasound is a great way to confirm pregnancy at an early stage. It is not however a reliable method of predicting the number of pups, as some can be hidden and hard to see.  In the past the vet has been close to predicting the number most of the time, but usually has under-estimated how many pups are present. My only wish is that the whelping goes well and that the pups are born healthy.

This is a repeat breeding of Echo to a dog named Vimy. The first breeding produced 5 healthy pups (C-litter). Echo and Vimy are both Field Champions and high drive dogs. I am estimating the whelping date to be around April 3rd.


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