Echo Whelp E-litter

Echo whelped 1 female pup yesterday afternoon (4-3-14). After this pup arrived the contractions ended and nothing else was happening.  About 4 hours later the vet advised that we take an xray. I knew that there was one more pup from an earlier ultrasound and was concerned that the labor wasn’t progressing.


First Pup E-litter (Ellie)

After viewing the xray the vet advised that she do a C-section and go in after the pup. She was able to get the pup that would have not made it otherwise. The pup had been stressed. This pup was also a female. She was small and weak, so the vet offered to take her home and feed her. We felt she was too weak to feed on her own and be left with Echo. It also happened that the vet was feeding some kittens that had been revived after their mother was spade. Interestingly enough this second pup (Ember) is nesting with the kittens. They are all keeping each other warm. The vet reported the pup did well overnight and was improving. I saw her this morning and she looked much better. Although she is not out of the woods, with any luck we plan on placing the pup back with Echo in a few days.

Second Pup E-litter (Ember)

Second Pup E-litter (Ember)

I want to thank my vet Nicole, her assistant Katie,and Kate at the front desk. They work out of the small Oxford Veterinary Center here in Iowa. They came in after hours last night and did their thing. They have helped me numerous times in the past. They are good at their jobs and I am lucky to have them nearby. Nichole also offered to hand feed the pup that I’m calling Ember. I don’t know of many big city vets that would do that. I have recently realized how much skill and dedication a vet has to have. I appreciate the jobs you all do!