Echo Pups 1 Week Old

Echo with Ellie at 1 week

Echo with Ellie at 1 week old

Echoes pups are 1 week old today. Both are doing well, although Ember, the pup taken by c-section will be staying with her new owner (our vet Nichole).  I had planned on bringing Ember home Monday to reintroduce to with her mom and sister. After visiting at the vet office, Nichole told me about a couple of other issues Ember has that she may or may not grow out of. It is also possible something else may surface as she matures. With these concerns I would not send Ember to a new owner as a working dog. It is my hope she will continue to grow into a healthy pet for Nichole and her family. Nicole has been caring for and feeding Ember since she was taken via c-section. Nicole expressed interest in taking Ember. This was a great opportunity that I agreed to. Ember could not be in better hands. I will be doing some updates on Ember in the upcoming weeks.

Ember’s sister Ellie is healthy and doing great here at home. She has more than doubled her weight in 1 week. Echo is taking very good care of her. Ellie will be heading to a great hunting family in Missouri in about 8 weeks. I also plan on adding another pup to our pack in several weeks. Thank you to everyone that inquired about Ember’s status. I posted a picture of Echo at 1 week below Ellie’s photo. Notice the resemblance.

Ellie at 1 week old

Ellie at 1 week old

Echo at 1 week

Echo at 1 week



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2 Responses to “Echo Pups 1 Week Old”

  1. John pat Orr says:

    Brian, sorry about the pup situation. I know several people were anxiously awaiting to receive one. Ellie looks just like her mom and I’m sure she will be a great tracker. Candy and I were looking at the7-4-13 pic of scout, we can’t believe how much Carlee looks like her now rather than her mom. She is doing great, just spoiled rotten to the core. J.P.

    • Brian says:

      Thanks John. It brings a smile to my face to know that Carlee inherited some of the Scout genes in looks and tracking. I look forward to more pictures of Carlee and stories of successful finds this fall.

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