WHD E-litter Pup Update

Ember and Ellie

Ember and Ellie 12 days old

I took Echo to the vet today to have staples removed from her c-section procedure. The wound has healed nicely. Echo never showed any discomfort and has been running around like nothing ever happened since the procedure was done. It amazes me how tough dogs can be.

While I was at the vets office we were able to get a couple of pictures of Ellie and Ember together. Ember continues to improve and will hopefully make a full recovery. She is much smaller and has been bottle fed by our vet Nicole since the c-section procedure. Nicole is also Ember’s new owner.

Ellie’s eyes have opened and she will soon be walking. Ember shouldn’t be too far behind. Ellie is growing like crazy.  She has no other pups to compete against for meals. We hope to get Ellie and Ember together more in the near future as Ember improves.

Ellie 12 days old

Ellie 12 days old