Spring Field Trial

Jetta Roscoe 04 15

I just returned from a 4 day field trial event at the Northern Illinois Beagle Club in Roscoe, Illinois. It was a great time for Jetta and myself. Jetta competed in the open bitch class. She was called back 2 of the 4 days. She ended up with two 3rd place finishes. A dog must place in a minimum of 3 open events, with one 1st place, and score at least 35 points to earn their Field Champion Title.

My favorite part of the Roscoe event is putting the dogs on rabbits after the trials are over for the day and letting them hunt.  Most places don’t allow that. As usual, these trials were run very well by Cheri Faust and Larry Gohlke. The judges also did a great job keeping things moving.

I plan on attending in October for the Harvest Moon 8 day trial event.