Working Teckel From Across The Pond

llew 2


I got a recent email from Arwel regarding his young teckel Llew. He uses his dog to stalk and track in the UK.  It is interesting to hear how these dogs are used in different ways around the world. Thanks for the correspondence Arwel and happy hunting with Llew!



Arwel wrote;

Though I’d share my recent hunt.

My pup “Llew” Welsh for lion, will be nearly 15months old this month, and
last weekend I shot my first deer over him, followed by another.

I’ve been stalking with him here in the Uk with a harness, and lead, and
gradually introduced him to all things deer from an early stage.

Using primarily scent shoes, with blood tracks from 12wks old.

He indicated and pointed several deer over the weekend, with me shooting one
buck and him following and finding the dead beast with great success.

He’s showing real promise with indicating live deer, prior to me spotting
them, which culminated in me being successful this weekend, and which is
another tool in my deer stalking armoury.

Obedience is coming along slowly, sit stay and gun steadiness are fine, his
enthusiasm and drive is awesome for such a little dog, and has a massive

A few more people are getting them here in the UK, and their popularity
seems to be growing for the better.

Just thought I’d share with a fellow enthusiast, and how much I enjoy your

All the best.