Teckel One Rabbit Zero



Funny thing happened last night at about 12:30 am when my dog Jetta woke me and decided she needed to go outside. I put her into the dog yard and was going back inside when I heard this god awful sound of a rabbit in distress. When I returned I saw that Jetta had caught a full sized rabbit. Just then the rabbit escaped and made a run for it. As this rabbit was  running at mach 2, and attempting to go down an escape hole near our deck, Jetta caught him again and it was over. I can’t believe how quick that dog was moving! We live in a rural area and there aren’t alot of neighbors around. It was a quiet night though and my parents window isn’t far from where this melee took place. I’m curious to find out how hard they were sleeping. Thankfully it’s getting cold at night and their window was closed.

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