Fritz’s Successful Illinois Track

Fritz with a successful recovery

Fritz with a successful recovery

Derek of Illinois owns and tracks with his dog Fritz. Fritz has been having a great tracking season this year. Fritz came out of our B-Litter in 2011. Here’s his story of a beautiful Illinois buck track and recovery.

Derek wrote: Sunday afternoon I got a call from a local guy who films all his hunts for ‘Whitetail Explorer TV’ on the Sportmans Channel.  While filming his Sunday morning hunt he made a not so great gut shot on a monster. He wanted to give the deer 12-14 hours before trailing and asked if Fritz could help. I had to work today so I told him we could try when I got off work at 430pm. He said he would look for the deer in the morning and let me know.

30 1/2 hours after the shot we took up the track, pouch shot to boot. The deer ran 150 yards, left no blood the last 100 yards, made a large circle cutting his original trail and Fritz nailed the track to find the prize! We will see if he makes the Sportmans Channel on this track?

Congratulations Derek and Fritz. Nice job!

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