A Couple Of Recent Tracks



My dog Sage got to track a real nice buck yesterday. It was a great track for a young dog. Sage is almost 6 months old. The buck went a total of about 500 yards. There was not much blood for the first 200 yards. After that it got much better in spots. I was happy with Jetta’s tracking and happy for this hunter, who took a trophy buck.

Later the same day I took Jetta out. This was an easy track for her. The problem was me, the handler. When we first arrived at the hit site Jetta was pulling like a freight train and voicing down a deer trail, with no visible blood. The hunter’s were sure the deer had gone a totally different direction. I thought Jetta possibly was pulling towards fresh rabbit scent, as the area is full of cottontails.  After pulling her off that line, and searching the area the deer had supposedly gone, I returned to the hit site. As Jetta started pulling again down the same trail, I went down it a ways to investigate. Not very far in I found blood and then saw the deer laying close by. Good job Jetta! I should have known better.



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