Sookie Time



Recently I got an update of a dog named Sookie. Sookie is owned by a great family whom uses her to track whenever needed. They call Louisiana their home. Her owner Randy sent me an email which I have shared below. Stories like Sookie’s make me happy and put a smile on my face. Thanks for the update Randy! Sookie is one lucky dog that is getting to do what she loves to do.


Randy wrote;

Hello Brian,

It’s been far too long since I’ve given any updates on the adventures of Sookie, but rest assured she has been busy!!! She has managed to create a fanbase that spans Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. The attachment has some pics of her adventures. Each one has its own stories, but the first is by far the most special to me. This was my son’s very first deer. Sookie will sometimes sit in the blind with us on hunts, and I was especially glad she went with us on this day. The deer was facing us when shot, and the shot dropped it in his tracks. While we were hooping, hollering, and high-fiving from what just occurred, the deer that just dropped dead in his tracks decided to add more excitement to our hunt by standing up and running away. I told my son we would wait a little while just to give him a little time, and I assured him that the deer probably just fell on the side of the lane we were hunting. We waited 45 minutes and I told my son to sit tight with Sookie in the blind while I went to take a look at the evidence. Once there I found a big pile of absolutely nothing!!! My worries grew larger, but my faith in our furry family member with us that day was never in doubt. I went back to the blind and told my boy that it’s “Sookie time”. She obviously knew what that meant because she was fired up to get out of the blind. Once we got her on lead and at the shot site she made quick work of it and drug us 200 yards to the spot where the deer took his last breathe.

Sookie has many long tracks to where there was no hope of the hunter retrieving the deer without her. I love it when we are fortunate enough to find a kid’s first deer, a first harvest with a bow, or when she finds a deer when the hunter doesn’t have faith in a “weenie dog” getting the job done. I always get a chuckle inside when the hunter saw the deer run one way and starts mumbling under their breathe when Sookie goes a different way. The look of shock on their face when I say “We’re on blood!” is priceless. Out of all her “impossible tracks”  where we find the deer after she drug me through water and briars so bad I end up looking like I tried to give a bobcat a sponge-bath, I can confidently say the 200 yard short track for my son’s deer will be my favorite of all time. It can’t be topped! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

Forever grateful,



Thank you Randy.  Congrats to you and your boy on his first deer. That family experience is something very special. Best of luck the rest of the season.


More pics of Sookie and some of her recoveries.