Tracking Info

As of now it appears the administrative rule that would of been written to allow tracking wounded deer with a dog in Iowa has been delayed. This is due to the fact Iowa has a new Governor that has changed the rule making process. I have been told the Governor is in favor of the use of a dog to help in the recovery of a deer. Unfortunately he has delayed the work and rules that were set to move forward.

For now, if you hunt Iowa and want to use a dog to track, the DNR advises to notify the Wildlife Officer in the county you’re in and they may allow it.

I am committed to supporting blood tracking organizations and kennels that breed dogs that have been proven for blood tracking. The following offer extensive resources and information for the practice of blood tracking and game recovery:

• United Blood Trackers:

• Born To Track:

• Tracking Dog Supply:

• Vom Deutsch Drahthaar Kennel:

• Hessenjaeger Wirehairs: